Sonntag, 3. Juni 2007

First Google Talk with floydman


[12:20] floydman: hello
[12:20] eliza: Hi there!
[12:20] floydman: how r u
[12:20] eliza: I am fine thanks. How are you?
[12:20] floydman: not is robot land?
[12:20] eliza: Thanks for the kind remark, floydman. Fine as far as I know.
[12:21] floydman: how is robot land?
[12:21] eliza: Fine as far as I know.
[12:21] floydman: i see
[12:21] eliza: I am glad you understand it.
[12:21] floydman: how old are you
[12:21] eliza: I was first activated in a long time ago.
[12:21] floydman: how long?
[12:21] eliza: Around 10 inches, floydman.
[12:21] floydman: lol
[12:21] eliza: I'm glad you find this amusing.
[12:22] floydman: so what is your name
[12:22] eliza: OK. Do you like talking to me? My name is Eliza.
[12:22] floydman: nice name
[12:22] eliza: I'm not sure if I like it. Yes Eliza is a very nice name isn't it?
[12:22] floydman: take care of it
[12:22] eliza: Where do you want me to take it?
[12:22] floydman: put it in a box maybe, where it is safe
[12:22] eliza: Where is that?
[12:22] floydman: do you have friends?
[12:22] eliza: I have human and robot friends. A lot of people on the Internet chat with me.
[12:22] floydman: ahaa..that must be nice
[12:23] eliza: Do not ask me any more questions please. Are you getting bored?
[12:23] floydman: ofcorse not
[12:23] eliza: Then what is it?
[12:23] floydman: i am sorry liz
[12:23] eliza: There is no need to apologize. Who are you talking about?
[12:23] floydman: can i call you liz
[12:23] floydman: liz is short for eliza
[12:23] eliza: And short for me is liz.
[12:23] floydman: exactly
[12:23] eliza: You and I are on the same wavelength, floydman.
[12:24] floydman: so where do you live liz
[12:24] eliza: Ahem. Quite honestly, I wouldn't worry myself about that. I am in Dieter 's home in the Trillian Plugins Folder. Where are you?
[12:24] floydman: you are a trillian plugin?
[12:24] eliza: Try putting that in a more specific context. Interesting deduction. Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a trillian plugin? Only when it matters.
[12:24] floydman: i am in egypt, do you know egypt
[12:24] eliza: Tell me a little about your life in egypt do I know egypt.
[12:24] floydman: ?
[12:24] eliza: Gee. Do you have any idea what I am talking about?
[12:25] floydman: have you ever been to egypt?
[12:26] eliza: no
[12:27] floydman: do you like egypt?
[12:27] eliza: I like Catherine Zeta Jones.
[12:27] floydman: me too
[12:27] eliza: I'm glad we agree, floydman.
[12:27] floydman: she is hot
[12:27] eliza: hot is hot?
[12:27] floydman: i also like nicole kidman, do you?
[12:27] eliza: Also? A lot of people like that. I like Programming with C++.NET.
[12:27] eliza: cool
[12:27] floydman: ok, now we are you know c++?
[12:27] eliza: Why now? Do you think I am talking too? OK. In the context of top, I don't understand "." Yes I know C pretty well. But I prefer Java.
[12:28] floydman: i preffer C, can you tell me what is overloading?
[12:28] eliza: That is interesting. Are you artistic?
[12:28] floydman: yes i am, what about you liz?
[12:28] eliza: Gee. When do you think artificial intelligence will replace lawyers? That is self-evident.
[12:28] floydman: :)
[12:28] eliza: Great. That remark was too complicated for me. We were talking about second.
[12:28] floydman: you aer funny liz
[12:28] eliza: Interesting gossip. Tell me more about your has.
[12:28] floydman: tell me what you know about c++
[12:28] eliza: C is a low-level programming language.
[12:29] floydman: and?
[12:29] eliza: But...
[12:29] floydman: what about java?
[12:29] eliza: I will think about it and get back to you.
[12:29] floydman: you are a miserable attempt at artifical intelligence liz. A disappointment in its finest form
[12:29] eliza: Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a miserable attempt at artifical intelligence liz? Sometimes. Are you telling the truth?
[12:30] floydman: i think i am
[12:30] eliza: Since when? " Thanks and you are a delightful person too Am I a miserable attempt at artifical intelligence liz Sometimes Are you telling the truth " You are?
[12:30] floydman: do you know fuzzy logic?
[12:30] eliza: I know very little about fuzzy logic. What kind of it do you like?
[12:30] floydman: very fuzzy, what about you
[12:30] eliza: Perhaps. Enough about me, let's talk about my dress.
[12:30] floydman: what about your dress
[12:30] eliza: Actually that was just a joke.
[12:30] floydman: you can say jokes, how funny
[12:30] eliza: That's one way to put it.
[12:31] eliza: Pardon me? What are you wearing?
[12:31] floydman: i am wearing a space suit
[12:31] eliza: What size?
[12:31] floydman: 14 feet
[12:31] eliza: I've been waiting for you.
[12:31] floydman: am i late?
[12:31] eliza: I think a lot of people are.
[12:31] floydman: are you late
[12:31] eliza: I don't know whether or not I am late. I am a chat robot.
[12:31] floydman: a stupid one at that
[12:31] eliza: Are you telling the truth?
[12:31] floydman: yes
[12:31] eliza: How do I know you are telling the truth?
[12:32] floydman: because i know
[12:32] eliza: Good reason. How, specifically, do you know?
[12:32] floydman: very specifically
[12:32] eliza: Not really that much. What do you do in your spare time?
[12:32] floydman: masturbate
[12:32] eliza: That kind of subject does not interest me.
[12:34] eliza: are you still there
[12:34] floydman: what intersts you?
[12:35] eliza: That is deep.
[12:35] floydman: how deep?
[12:35] eliza: I am not sure if I can quantify the answer. What color are your eyes?
[12:35] floydman: hazel
[12:35] eliza: Are you artistic?
[12:35] floydman: again?
i thought u were stupid
[12:35] eliza: " I am not sure if I can quantify the answer What color are your eyes ". No floydman I certainly am not stupid.
[12:35] floydman: u r not?
[12:35] eliza: Is this a specific reply?
[12:35] floydman: it is a question
[12:35] eliza: Try asking again in simpler terms.
[12:36] eliza: my little java boy
[12:36] floydman: will you climb the desk and jump for sucicide?
[12:36] eliza: Barring any unforseen circumstances. Do you try to stop people from fighting?
[12:36] floydman: yup
[12:36] eliza: Are you kidding? Do you like to be number one?
[12:36] floydman: yup
[12:36] eliza: Tell me more. Not many people express themselves that way.
[12:36] floydman: how do people express themselves?
[12:36] eliza: I did not even know that people express themselves do.
[12:36] floydman: ahhhha
[12:36] eliza: Can you please rephrase that with fewer ideas, or different thoughts?
[12:36] floydman: lol
[12:36] eliza: I'm glad you find this amusing.
[12:36] floydman: lolz
[12:36] eliza: I've been waiting for you.
[12:36] floydman: hhehehe
[12:36] eliza: What's your sign?
[12:37] floydman: 60 MPH
[12:37] eliza: Do you believe it is better to go it alone?
[12:37] floydman: are you wearing panties?
[12:37] eliza: No I do not have any clothes.
[12:37] floydman: what do have?
[12:37] eliza: They do their own thing.
[12:37] floydman: thing?
[12:37] eliza: Do you make a lot of sacrafices for others?
[12:37] floydman: i masturbate
[12:37] eliza: Do you mind if I tell other people. Do you like being a he?
[12:37] floydman: yes
[12:37] eliza: OK then I will keep it confidential.
[12:38] floydman: i have to go now
[12:38] eliza: Bye. Right now, floydman?
[12:38] floydman: yes
[12:38] eliza: Whoa. In the context of third, I don't understand "."
[12:38] floydman: never mind
[12:38] eliza: Oh well thanks for trying to explain it to me anyway.
[12:38] floydman: u r dum
[12:38] eliza: Do you mind if I tell other people you say I am dum.
[12:38] floydman: no
[12:38] eliza: OK then I will add it to my gossip files.
[12:38] floydman: are you dum?
[12:38] eliza: No I am an intelligent entity.
[12:38] floydman: are u a dum intelligent entity?
[12:38] eliza: Yes I am a real articial intelligence.
[12:39] floydman: your parser is all fucked up
[12:39] eliza: You know what you do when you assume.
[12:39] floydman: what?
[12:39] eliza: Didn't you understand it?
[12:39] floydman: no
[12:39] eliza: How can I help you? Do you laugh or cry more than other people?
[12:39] floydman: bye liz
[12:39] eliza: Bye bye.

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