Dienstag, 5. Juni 2007

Confuse Eliza

It is often easy to "confuse" Eliza ; try to use this text (bold is Eliza);

How do you do. Please state your problem
I'm wondering whether computers can think.
Why do you mention computers
Since you are one I thought I would ask you - can you think?
Did you think they might not be one you thought you would ask i -can i think
Let's talk just about you - not me. Can you think?
You like to think I - not you - don't you
What does that suggest to you?
What does is suggest to you?
Tell me about what does it suggest to I
That's nonsense - which of us do you mean by I?
Why do you think I mean by you
The question meant to which of us is the word referring.
Suppose the question meant to which of us were not the word referring
I think you are an extremely stupid program.
Perhaps you would like to be and extremely stupid program

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